Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Page 140 of the Super Robot Encyclopedia

Today's update is kind of random.

Page 140: Hades Project Zeorymer, an obscure series from the late 80s, brought into the spotlight after two Super Robot Wars games it was featured in. There, Zeorymer was very powerful, had an ominous song, as well as original mecha designs. Apparently, it's based on an adult manga, which led to the cutting out of some of the hotter scenes. I chose this page mainly because I liked the series a lot back when I watched it. It should be notable that this is the first time I used the book itself for the translation, and it was much much quicker than usual. ^_^

I'd like some feedback on the white font I used to cover the shadow. Was it OK? Is it readable? I'm curious because it wasn't there in the original.


trejo said...

Yes, the font is very readable.

aBlin0 said...

Thanks for your translations of this encyclopedia. This is a valuable contribution for the whole mecha fandom in the world.