Thursday, August 2, 2012

Aventurier ~Shinyaku Arsène Lupin~ chapter 1

What's this? A new series? Don't I have enough work with Souten Kouro?
Actually, this is one manga I've been looking for. I tried finding raws in January, but couldn't find more than scans for one of the magazine's issues. Now, however, I've just found out that someone uploaded the first two volumes (the fourth is being released in two weeks or so). As such, I decided to pick it up.
So, let's quote the description on Mangaupdates:

The continuing adventures of classic Arsène Lupin character created by Maurice Leblanc.
The manga adapts Maurice Leblanc's novels about a gentleman thief who solves cases while outwitting both the police and criminals. The first chapter of the manga retells the first short story Leblanc published, "The Arrest of Arsène Lupin" (1905).
Lupin is a Gentleman Thief and a master on disguise, during the Belle Époque years

So yeah, this actually takes lines from the novels. As such, I decided to use the translation that's in the public domain, especially since it sounds like it's from that time. I did check the French version and, occasionally, the English translation changes some things - these changes are not to be found in Morita's manga. Naturally, there are quite a few lines that weren't in the novel, but I hope the difference won't be too noticeable. Also, even though he uses -san, I will consistently use "monsieur" and "mademoiselle", unless the French version uses words like "Miss" or "Lady".


Susanne and Elizabeth said...

This is awesome, thanks!

traa amps said...

what a twist

Moz said...

Been planning to read this series but haven't got round to it. perhaps now that it's been adapted to manga form i will :P (if it turns out to be a fair adaptation)

Michelle Mai said...

This is a great adaptation! Only one chapter and I'm already hooked. And look at the attention to details! You've really invested into this project, haven't you? The word choices make a wonderful atmosphere.

Thank you for picking this up. I can't wait for more already!

Kaitou Laurent said...

I really like this new project.

When you said you checked the French version, does it mean that the manga was released in French or done by a French scanlation team?

Vito said...

I think he means the french novels.

KamereonMangá said...

Thank you so much!