Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pages 66-75 of the Super Robot Encyclopedia

I am very sorry for the lack of updates, but I've finally managed to get around to finishing it. I'll try making smaller (1 or 2 pages at a time) updates from now on.

Anyway, here they be:

Page 66: Dedicated to Tetsujin #28's 80s remake and to Daiouja. The latter was featured in the SRW for the Gamecube and the one for the X-Box.

Page 67: Dedicated to Golion and Gold Lightan. The former was brought to the US and called Voltron (and greatly loved too), as well as was featured in Super Robot Wars W for the Nintendo DS.

Pages 68-69: Goshogun. This was brought to the US and called Macron One. It was featured in several SRWs, mostly without the plot. Alpha 2 for gives good focus on Goshogun. Oh, it's almost impossible to find on the net, by the way.

Page 70: God Mars and Bryger. Both have been featured in SRW. Bryger is to return on the brand-new Wii one. God Mars has been fully fansubbed.

Page 071: Dougram. A "real robot" anime with one hell of a spoiler in its first episode. Pizza Hut supports the rebellion!

Pages 72 and 73: Xabungle and Vehicle Voltron-- errr, I mean Dairugger XV. The first is one of the just-as-infamous "Happy Tomino" series, the other was turned into Voltron's sequel and has the most components in mecha history (at least up to that point). Xabungle is currently being subbed.

Page 74: The second J9 series, following Bryger. Featured in the same SRWs as Daiouja. Try and contemplate the idea of space motorcycles in the meantime.

Page 75: Brought to France and named L'Empire des Cinq. The ending is a bit... odd.


Milkman Dan said...

I don't mind huge updates like these!

Milo said...

Well done. Thank you very much sir!

Waleed said...
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Waleed said...

I have a question please...isn't Mazinkaiser included in this encyclopedia?