Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pages 43-45, 57 and 59-65 of the Super Robot Encyclopedia.

Finally, an update. Sorry for the delay.

Page 43: Great Mazinger's Data Compilation page.

Page 44: UFO Robo Grendizer and its pilot movie, The Great UFO War. It certainly took a lot to translate.

Page 45: Steel Jeeg. This page is an older edit, done back when the 2007 remake reached episode 13.

Page 57: The introductory page to Progress. Doesn't take a genius to guess whose fault it is for "the rise of the real robot". This is an older page.

Page 58 is in the first post of this blog.

Page 59: Second page about Mobile Suit Gundam. More info about the series. Please correct me if I messed up the part about the Magnet Coating.

Pages 60-61: Trider G-7. This time, it's about a rich kid fighting against aliens. This series showed up in Shin Super Robot Taisen and Super Robot Taisen GC/XO, which are not fond memories, despite their uniqueness. The former has full-sized sprites of the robots (as opposed to the usual Super Deformed style) but has awful loading times. The latter has 3D graphics (as opposed to ... oh, come on, you can figure this out), but is awkward when it comes to melee attacks and details. These are older pages.

Page 62: God Sigma, who is to show up in the upcoming Super Robot Wars Z. Note that the big bad is a lady. This is an older page.

Page 63: Baldios, who is to join God Sigma in SRWZ. It has an ... interesting ending, but not as interesting as the next one. This is an older page.

Pages 64 and 65: Ideon. This one gave Tomino his "kill'em all" fame, and most likely gave Anno some ideas for Evangelion. This, too, has been recently subbed, so you should see for yourselves.

Phew. Next update will be smaller, because Data Compilations are a pain in the ass. Just looking for the staff is murder on your brain.


trejo said...

This is a big update! I wanted to point out a small error on page 44. The show's summary goes "and the abundantly sent" and then is cut off.

goooooood girl said...

Well well well......

The Lion of Genesis said...

Ah, I've screwed up... Thanks for the heads-up

arabexpresso said...

this sooo cool , great job man , really thankful for the translation


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