Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pages 41-42 of the Super Robot Encyclopedia

Uploading two pages, of which one is brand new.

Page 41: The introductory page to Data Compilation. This page has the first airdate for basically every mecha anime (or anime containing any robots) from each chapter. This one will need a version 2 after I finish the other pages.

Page 42: Mazinger Z. Each of the series with their title written in white on the introductory page gets a black-and-white page with character and mecha designs, as well as staff airdates. This page was supposed to be done months ago, but my file got corrupted back then, so I had to start from scratch. It wasn't pleasant. Anyway, Data Compilation pages take much longer to translate and edit, so I'll probably upload one such page at a time, along with some regular ones. From now on, it'll be rather hard to post them in order without doing so very rarely.

Next time, I'll be posting Great Mazinger and (maybe) Great UFO War / Grendizer, along with pages from chapter 3, Progress (the introductory page 57 and pages 59 &c)

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