Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Souten Kouro chapter 34

Well, this is awkward. Regular releases are hard to pull off, I guess. We should be able to release chapter 35 this week (or the next), but then we'll have to take a break, because the editor is currently moving and I'm busy at the University. I'll try to translate a few more chapters to allow him to catch up later on. At any rate, we ain't dead yet.
And chapter 34 is right here.


placeholder said...

Thank you for not being dead!

laclongquan said...

"Dont misunderstand me! I only return what had been ripped off."

Gahahahahah. Do you know which items he's talking about and which been ripped off?

The Lion of Genesis said...

Bugger, I still missed a typo ("had been ripped off"). I think he means that he's returning all their gifts because they came (one way or another) from all the stuff they forcefully took from the people. Since this is China and he isn't a complete moralfag, he would probably have kept the items in any other situation. Of course, I'm not sure whether he's being moral here or if he's simply messing with them.

Besides, it's not like his ambitions will stop at the few gifts from pettily rich local officials. He doesn't need all those items. Heck, he'd probably be rich with all the money from his gramps.