Friday, October 5, 2012

About posts until Christmas

Well, I'm back with some news. For one thing, chapter 2 of Aventurier and chapters 46-48 of Souten Kouro are done.
Problem is that I'm currently in France, in Dijon, and my internet connection is either completely crap (like the one in my dorm) or filters a lot of sites, including Mediafire and Imgur, because it's a university connection. Mangaupdates are a no-go as well, but Manga Fox seems to be A-OK. As such, I will be posting new updates to Manga Fox as a priority, but if my dorm connection happens to work on certain days, I might manage to upload some of the chapters to Mediafire as well.
As for Souten Kouro, it occurred to me that, after all my delays, I've only just finished volume 4. As such, I will try to release either entire volumes or at least half-volumes. Taking breaks isn't a very good idea, because I keep forgetting what terms I used for this or that.
So, in short, both scanlation projects are alive and well, but they will be available on online manga readers first and only then as direct downloads, most likely during week-ends. Either way, whenever a chapter (or group of chapters) is first released, there will be a new blog post announcing it.

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