Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Souten Kouro chapters 39-41

Well, we only have two editors now, but due to schoolwork and family parties issues, there won't be any Souten Kouro next week (since I don't have any available scripts). Until then, enjoy another three-chapter batch.


laclongquan said...

These are awesome!

This showcase the first battle of Cao Cao. On the one hand, his army go from 2000 at start reduced to 500 when they reinforce Huangfu Song. On the other hand his calvary troop goes from a green unit to an experienced one after one forced march and one battle. That will the core to stiffen his 3000 reinforcement are to come the next few days. And that 500 arrive early, with a victory in the bag.

Get there the fastest with the mostest, as someone used to say.

I cant wait for the next chapter

kraipg said...

Heya, I wonder what you mean by script. If you mean scanes of the original raw manga, you can find it here:

Thank you for your translation. You really made me interested in this certain manga and I'll be sorry if it'll be delayed. I'm certainly your fan in this matter, since I don't know many translation groups that will translate a historical manga like that <3! thank you so much for your hard work.

I've read your complete release until now (up to chapter 39, so I have 2 more chapters) in the past 2-3 hours... and I'm just amazed at how great you've done your job. Thank you again!

The Lion of Genesis said...

And here comes a very late answer, kraipg.

By "script", I mean the translations themselves, which I store in a Microsoft Word document. I think those are the same raws I have, but it doesn't matter, I love the quality on mine.