Monday, June 11, 2012

Souten Kouro chapter 42

So, after nearly 8 months of inactivity (due to both editors being lazy/busy), I decided to go back to the basics and just finish the chapter myself. As such, editing might not be as smooth as it used to be, but whoever followed this from the beginning might not mind.

At any rate, here's chapter 42.

I'll be leaving in a few days, so all I'll have for the next two months is a laptop without Photoshop, so my editing will be even crummier than it already is. Fortunately, all scripts up to chapter 45 have been done since last year.


laclongquan said...

Good job, chap! It's nice to see update around here. When can we expect the 43, then?

The Lion of Genesis said...

No idea. I have exams right now, so it depends on how irresponsible I am.

rxsiu said...

Many thanks for your return to scanlation :) your work was sorely missed.

ninjacurby said...

Welcome back :D