Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Souten Kouro chapter 58 (and minor Aventurier news)

Finally, the much-awaited continuation to Souten Kouro!

Okay, I should have finished this chapter much, much faster, but shit happened. Shit will probably keep happening, but I want to see how this manga ends, and it's too hard to just read leisurely.

Here you go!

Also, the last few pages have one long war cry, which I left untranslated.

As for Aventurier, I won't resume work on it until I can at least buy the damned thing. First manga had 5 volumes before getting cancelled, then it got serialized in a different magazine, where it's still being released. Sadly, raws are incredibly hard to find. There was a raw for the first volume of the new manga, but it got taken down, and there's the occasional chapter raw, but nobody really cares about this manga. This is why I'll buy it myself when I go to Germany, where I'll have enough personal funds to afford ordering from Japan. That will be starting with October. Granted, this means I will be translating at most, since I won't have any scanners per se.

P.S. As a final note. Even though this is a "group", it's still just me doing everything. It will stay that way, because I'm having too hard a time keeping my own schedule, let alone keeping anyone else's schedule. Being 25 is suffering.


lolman said...

Good to see you're ok!

Thankkkkkkk youuuuuu!!! I missed Souten Kouro :D

laclongquan said...

Nice to see you active again!

Jorge Romero said...

Thanks for comeback with more Souten Kouro!!