Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Souten Kouro links

Where do I begin...?

Well, as you might recall, I scanlated some chapters of Souten Kouro while I was in France. Sadly, I only had a bad internet connection in the dorm, while every other university connection outright banned Mediafire on account of it not being educational. As such, I had only managed to upload one or two chapters, leaving eight others only on Mangafox (which wasn't banned... huh).

Here they are:

Chapter 49 
Chapter 50 
Chapter 52 
Chapter 53 
Chapter 54 
Chapter 55 
Chapter 56 
Chapter 57 

Also, in case you missed any previous chapter, please bookmark this (if it actually does lead to the Souten Kouro folder):

I'll be working on chapter 58 of Souten Kouro, then on chapter 4 of Aventurier, unless I get addicted to Souten Kouro again.


Unknown said...

I want to thank you for all of your work on Souten Koro. It is one of the better 3 Kingdoms manhua, and I think you've done an excellent job at it.

I hope you decide to continue with it going forward

laclongquan said...

Chap, how goes your love of Souten Kouro? It;s been soooooo long.

Vincent Bu said...

Hi!!! hopefully you will pick up translating souten kouro again. Thanks for everything!!!!

morlot said...

Hello! This is excellent work you have been doing, and I am astonished! (In fact, I've been astonished even couple years ago, but I'm always too shy to talk.) I've just searched this manhua anew and found the chapters I missed - a real treat! Thank you very much! And as a link to the folder, did you maybe mean this one?