Sunday, March 17, 2013

Posting Mediafire links, at last.

... I'm really sorry, I completely forgot about the lack of links. As such, I've started uploading the chapters I did in the last few months while on a godawful connection. The first one I've finished is Aventurier chapter 2. That's also because I'm currently working on chapter 3.

Also, in other news, Aventurier got cancelled and stopped running in Evening after gathering five volumes. The author was very sad that he wasn't able to get to the better Lupin stories and hoped he would be able to continue the manga some other time...

...Which happened in this month's issue of Gekkan Heroes. The manga is now called "Kaitou Lupin-den Aventurier" and will be continuing, hopefully, for a longer time. There's also a raw scan for this new first chapter, so I might be doing that after I finish the first two volumes.

Some guy seemed to have uploaded all five volumes, but all links were dead and Google only indicates the old upload for volumes 1 and 2. Worst case scenario, I'll have to buy volumes 3-5 on my own, then scan them.

As for Souten Kouro... God help me. I'll probably get back to it after I catch up some more on Aventurier.

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sylphaen1637 said...

Thank heavens Aventurier's not cancelled for good.

Thank you for the update and your hard work on these scanlations!